Mahogany logs tend to be logs extracted from Woodcutting mahogany trees and shrubs having a Woodcutting degree of fifty, plus they produce 125 experience whenever reduce. Gamers may burn off these types of logs using the Firemaking ability with regard to 157.5 experience in degree fifty or even over. Mahogany logs will also be required for high-level products within Building, and gamers coaching Building may bring mahogany logs towards the Sawmill driver north-east associated with Varrock to obtain a Mahogany cedar in a expense of 1500 every. On the other hand, the Lunar Mean Cedar Create enables gamers in order to transform these to cedar planks cheaper, however in the cost associated with runes.

Mahogany trees and shrubs are available in the next areas:

1. Tai Bwo Wannai woods grove -- four Mahogany trees and shrubs tend to be within the grove. This expenses one hundred investing stays in order to the grove, and when you intend in order to financial institution this with the close by bank, ten investing stays are needed for every product delivered to the lender.

2. Ape Atoll -- a number of Mahogany trees and shrubs are available southern from the large door.

3. Mos Le'Harmless -- a number of Mahogany trees and shrubs are available in a number of island destinations; but getting into the caverns is needed to accessibility all of them. It is far from suggested to slice to put exp however, you will need to journey to put Morytania Difficult Journal.

4. Could be gathered via Controlling Miscellania with employees concentrate on hard wood trees and shrub.

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