Iban's Dove

Make certain putting upon Klank's gauntlets. Through the crawl living room, mind north-west towards the much part from the region. There is an additional stairs you are able to ascend as much as achieve top of the region.


In your area, you will see a number of cages along with half-soulless inside them. Usually do not make use of the very first set of cages; by pass the very first arranged and rather carry on a little southern. Create the right path over the speed leap.


Stroll towards the 4th crate from the beginning, and lookup this for your dove bone fragments.


Ultimately, you will discover the skeletal continues to be of Iban's dove. It might have a whilst, however when you locate them, make use of them within the toy.


Killing Iban


Right now, in order to lastly eliminate Iban and provide a conclusion for this mission. You will need to leap the right path in order to Iban's forehead down the middle of the region.


As soon as if you're generally there, eliminate the disciple of Iban and get their Zamorak robes. Make certain the robes are if you're putting on, and release a minumum of one stock area with regard to Iban's personnel, and two much more areas for any small quantity of fireplace and demise runes. Notice whatever you decrease in order to release area Is going to be dropped right here while you is going to be teleported returning to the entry space from the give.


The forehead putting on each lower and upper Zamorak Robes.


Make use of the toy within the nicely down the middle of the area. You might have to get this done several times, because their assaults might disrupt a person. If you choose find a way to obtain the toy in to the nicely, Iban is going to be ruined and also the forehead will start to failure.


You are going to get Iban's personnel, 15 Demise runes, and thirty Fire runes. Unless you possess area within your stock with regard to everything else, you are going to get Iban's personnel however shed the runes you will possess received because you tend to be instantly teleported right after putting the toy within the nicely and also have absolutely no opportunity to get them.

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